Shangri La network by Storm International is expanding

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Shangri La network by Storm International is expandingShangri La is a network of elite casinos in the territory of the CIS countries. It began to develop in 1992, gradually expanding. Today, the brand owns four exclusive establishments in the capitals of Belarus, Latvia, Georgia and Armenia. All the units are aimed at foreign guests, they offer all popular casino games, excellent cuisine, lotteries of cool prizes and impeccable service. In Shangri La, you may order a junket tour on your own terms too.

Michael Boettcher, Shangri La founder, believed in the potential the post-Soviet space had, so he opened the first casino in Moscow in 1992. It was successful and very popular in the Russian capital. Many celebrities came to play there. Huge prizes were played out at Shangri La. The maximum winning was 2 million dollars! Unfortunately, Shangri La Moscow was disbanded in 2009, as Russian laws required gambling establishments to be placed in special zones.

2009 was the beginning of the development of the Shangri La network. Shangri La Minsk was opened in Belarus using the principles developed in Moscow. Today, it is one of the most famous and successful casinos in Belarus which attracts lots of foreigners. Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, said that it is here that guests from Russia and Turkey go to play. The staff speaks Russian, Turkish and English. Shangri La Minsk was named the Best Casino five times.  

Shangri La Tbilisi is successfully leading in Georgia. The casino was twice recognized as the best in the country. And in 2017 the number of guests increased significantly.

Shangri La Yerevan is one of the most recognizable casinos in Armenia. In 2017, the number of visitors grew by almost 50%.

The casino in Riga is called SL Casino; it also belongs to the Shangri La network and is the youngest one. The unit opened in 2017 at the Grand Hotel Kempinski.


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